NZBA launches scam resource

by Krizzel Canlas14 Nov 2017
As part of the International Fraud Awareness Week, the New Zealand Bankers’ Association (NZBA) has launched a guide on how people can keep themselves safe from online scams.

NZBA chief executive Karen Scott-Howman said the organisation had designed a pamphlet to help raise awareness about the risk of online scams.

Scott-Howman said: “We’ve made it easy to read, and included websites where you can find out more information. It’s pretty high level and isn’t meant to be comprehensive. We hope that it will prompt people to find out more.”

With fraudsters always coming up with new ways to steal money, Scott-Howman said it’s okay to be a bit suspicious.

NZBA tips on how to keep safe online include:
  • Beware of email from people you don’t know
  • Avoid clicking on email links or downloading unknown software
  • Don’t share PINs and passwords with anyone
  • Only give personal information to people and organisations you trust
“It also pays to be careful with other personal information, like your passport and driver’s licence details,” Scott-Howman added.

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