PledgeMe launches equity crowdfunding campaign

by Krizzel Canlas08 Aug 2018

Crowdfunding platform PledgeMe Limited has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign for its business, which has currently seen over $366,000 pledged.

“We’re really excited to be almost three-quarters of our way to our minimum goal of $500,000,” PledgeMe co-founder Anna Guenther said. “I think this is a real testament to our crowd appreciating the way we do things differently!”

PledgeMe was launched in 2012 as the first project based crowdfunding platform in New Zealand. It offers to help Kiwis fund the things they care about across project, equity and lending-based crowdfunding. In the past year, it has had almost $12 million pledged through the platform.

PledgeMe said it intends to raise up to $900,000, which represents 11.1% of the company. Shares are priced at $164.50 each with a minimum purchase of one share.

“We’ve set the price at one share to make the investment accessible,” Guenther said. “If our goal is to make equity crowdfunding equitable, we need to focus not just on the companies and their founders, but also the wider investor community.”

Guenther noted PledgeMe exceeded the amount it raised in three weeks in 2015 in less than 24 hours.

“With the support of our new shareholders, we’ll be able to invest into further growth here in New Zealand and in Australia,” she stated.

The campaign runs until September 06, or when the maximum goal of $900,000 is met.


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