Prefabricated homes could be a solution to the housing crisis

by Ksenia Stepanova09 Apr 2018

Prefabricated homes could acts as a solution to the affordable housing crisis, according to an Auckland-based company.

Solution Street is in the process of constructing ten prefabricated homes in Māngere, which are set to be completed by September 2018. The two bedroom apartments have are to be sold for prices beginning at $519k.

The houses will be prefabricated in a factory outside Auckland and will be built and sold for less than $600k, according to managing director Gary Gordon. This is due to changes to Auckland’s Unitary Plan, which aims to meet housing needs by determining a number of factors, and by doing their own marketing, sales and mass production.

“When you’re trying to buy your first home, you’ve got to be a little bit realistic,” says Gordon. “There is no answer to the fact that smaller is cheaper. We’re building compact, liveable first homes. They’re not meant to be a dream home, they’re meant to be stepping stones on the property ladder.”

According to Gordon, an advantage of prefabricating new homes is an increase in quality, along with speed and accuracy of repetition.

“Because we’re repeating them, it’s more like the manufacturing process rather than the building process. The company is focused on helping people who are looking to buy their first home, or an affordable home.”

The company is now looking to build another eight-house site in Manurewa, and is currently selling an existing three-house site for prices starting at $435k.

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