Real estate group raises $4 million for charity

by NZ Adviser20 Jun 2016
The Harcourts Foundation has hit $4 million dollars in money raised internationally for charities in local communities since its launch in 2008.

The Foundation raises funds through Harcourts’ employee donations as well as office fundraising events and charity auctions. Each Harcourts office contributing to the Foundation then chooses charities in their own community that they would like to support. In New Zealand, more than 350 charities have received Harcourts Foundation grants.

Harcourts NZ CEO Chris Kennedy says the Foundation continues to play a key role in the company’s future. 

“It is one of the key ways we express our core values and connect with our local communities," says Kennedy. "We have offices and people in almost every community in the country. The Foundation allows every member of our team an opportunity to help those they mix with every day and see the difference they can make in their community.”

Harcourts Foundation Ambassador Emma Revell says the Foundation is often able to assist organisations whose needs are too small to qualify for other sources of financial assistance.

“They’re are the small, local charities that just need a little help to get a community project across the line or small amounts to top-up fundraising for bigger projects," Revell says. "The thing they have in common is they all directly improve the lives of those living in that community.

“It’s inspiring when you learn of children being given opportunities otherwise unavailable, the underprivileged receiving a hand-up, or volunteer organisations buying new, vital equipment.”

At a national level in New Zealand the Harcourts Foundation is also a key partner of the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation.

Halberg CEO Shelley McMeeken says Harcourts Foundation contributions are crucial to Halberg’s work providing access to sports and equipment to physically disabled young Kiwis. 

“Improving fitness, health, self-esteem, confidence, social skills and a stronger sense of belonging are just some of the changes we hear from the families we support. We wouldn’t be able to achieve all these great outcomes without the support of the Harcourts Foundation,” Shelley says.

While the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation continues to receive significant donations from the Harcourts Foundation, most of the grants continue to be directed toward a wide range of local, community organisations that are quietly going about, doing their work.

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