REINZ calls for clarity on meth disclosure report

by Krizzel Canlas30 May 2018

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) is calling for clarification from the Real Estate Authority on methamphetamine disclosure following a new report.

A new report, produced by the Prime Minister’s chief science advisor professor Sir Peter Gluckman, suggests there is currently no evidence that meth levels typically resulting from third-hand exposure to smoking residues on household surfaces can elicit an adverse health effect.

It also shows that meth levels that exceed the clean-up standard of 1.5 mg/100 cm2 should not be regarded as signalling a health risk. Exposure to methamphetamine levels below 15 mg/100 cm2 would be highly unlikely to give rise to any adverse effects, it says.

“We were surprised by today’s report on methamphetamine standards which appears to advocate a safe level of 15mg when the Ministry of Health and ESR scientists just last year recommended a safe level of 1.5mg,” says REINZ chief executive Bindi Norwell. “Today’s figure sees a 900% increase in the level that is deemed to be safe.”

REINZ said it agrees with the report that further research is needed in order to have a definitive understanding of what is considered to be a safe level of meth contamination in a residential home.

Norwell also says REINZ is calling on the Real Estate Authority to provide real estate agents and property managers with immediate guidance as to what to do when dealing with their clients in terms of disclosure.

“We know consumers are extremely sensitive about purchasing a property that has been contaminated by meth, and the same is true for those looking to rent,” says Norwell. “Our members need to be able to give members of the public very clear advice now that we have conflicting information in the public domain.”


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