Simplicity charitable donations reach $1 million

by Roxanne Libatique29 Jun 2020

Simplicity, a non-profit KiwiSaver manager that gives 15% of fees to the Simplicity Charitable Trust, has announced that it has now donated over $1 million since its establishment three years ago.

Simplicity's charity work focuses on children in need, homeless people, and the environment. It recently donated over $100,000 to charities supporting New Zealanders amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

Sam Stubbs, the managing director of Simplicity, commented that Simplicity has always focused on charitable giving.

“Charity is not an idea the highly profitable financial services industry is famous for,” Stubbs said.

“If the rest of the KiwiSaver and funds management industry gave 15% of fees to charity, the donations could be over $100 million each year. It could transform corporate philanthropy in New Zealand.”

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The Simplicity Charitable Trust also revealed its first multi-year, major native tree planting programme in partnership with Trees That Count – a conservation charity that collaborates with businesses and communities to plant native trees.

Over the next four years, Simplicity will plant a tree for every member. This year, the company aims to plant 15,000 trees across New Zealand.

“Simplicity members told us a key focus of our giving should be on climate change and the environment, so we're planting lots of native trees,” Stubbs said.

“We listened to our members' concerns. If their children and grandchildren could enjoy the legacy of thriving native forests, flourishing birdlife, and a more stable climate, we should help make that happen.”

“There are a lot of benefits of planting native trees, such as carbon storage. Over time, native trees can store as much carbon as pine. But importantly, they also provide habitat for native species and are better at stopping erosion and keeping waterways clean,” Stubbs concluded.

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