Skills in NZ for Kiwibuild

by Kelly Gregor08 Mar 2018

The capacity to build more quality homes is already within New Zealand, new research from PrefabNZ shows.

Yesterday, NZ Adviser reported that Mark Farmer, author of “Modernise or die” who is in New Zealand visiting business and government leaders, stated that Kiwibuild is “doomed to fail” unless the construction sector can find a way of addressing the chronic skills shortage.

But PrefabNZ, said today that Kiwi-based housing manufacturers and construction companies can deliver for KiwiBuild using offsite methods.

Through using innovative building methods, PrefabNZ Members say they could deliver around 7,000 more homes each year from 2020.

This would deliver 70% of KiwiBuild's target of 10,000 homes per year over ten years. In fact, manufacturers and builders surveyed by PrefabNZ say they are ready to reinvest around 8% of revenue, and up to 20% in some cases, to deliver KiwiBuild.

PrefabNZ chief executive Pamela Bell said: “New Zealand housing manufacturers and builders are telling us that they are willing to forego some profit in the short term to deliver KiwiBuild. This research is economic proof that our innovative construction industry does not need a big multi-national outsider in order to deliver on the KiwiBuild promise.”

“We can have several New Zealand businesses using innovative building methods working together, using homegrown materials and sharing specialist expertise. For example, different companies might make wall panels, or roof pieces or bathroom pods, or any of the elements that go into a building.”

“We’re really pleased to have the ministers at our event to understand the impact that using offsite methods could have on KiwiBuild. We are committed to continuing the conversation with Ministers and officials about how we can collaborate to ensure quality homes are designed for production in New Zealand at scale and at pace.”

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