Special Report: New Zealand’s non-bank lenders on the rise

by NZ Adviser10 Sep 2019

As traditional banks get more conservative, non-bank lenders are getting more creative in their variety of offerings. Business flexibility and a case-by-case approach are allowing many non-bank lenders to scoop up business among those borrowers who are worthy of loans but don’t match the rigid criteria applied by banks. And although the market is competitive, there’s plenty of room for non-banks who each have their own special strengths.

We speak to three industry leaders in the non-bank sector excited about their growth and keen to promote non-banks further. Each stress that the focus of non-banks is as much complementary as competitive, and that at the end of the day it’s about finding innovative solutions to fit clients’ needs.

This article discusses:

  • The unique offerings of non-banks
  • Why non-banks are working together to help clients, not just competing
  • Possibilities going forward

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