Subsidised mortgages agenda attracts more feedback

by Krizzel Canlas19 Oct 2018

Various groups have expressed their support to Salvation Army’s KiwiBuy scheme.

Earlier this week, the Salvation Army, in its new paper Beyond Renting, suggested New Zealand needs KiwiBuy – a government programme that will offer to subsidise mortgages and assist Kiwis into home ownership.

Non-governmental organisation Habitat for Humanity has since said that it agrees with Salvation Army.

“We know that progressive home ownership is the only way to make home ownership affordable for many families,” Habitat for Humanity NZ acting CEO Alan Thorp said. “We know this model works, because Habitat has been doing this for the past 25 years. It needs to become part of KiwiBuild.”

Thorp said they have spoken to Housing Minister Phil Twyford about progressive homeownership, implying that the minister is willing to act.

Not-for-profit organisation Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) said Salvation Army’s report, which includes KiwiBuy, has made some sound suggestions.

“Even with new initiatives to get people into purchasing their first homes, there are still gaps,” CPAG housing spokesperson Frank Hogan stated. “For instance, for very low-income families who are not eligible for state housing, but cannot afford to save for a deposit for their own home, or to service high mortgage repayments in the current market.”

Additionally, the Community Housing Aotearoa said it agrees with key aspects of the report. It calls on the new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to take up the challenge of an open, national discussion set out by the report.

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