TAP announces new program to expand adviser businesses

by Roxanne Libatique13 Aug 2019

The Adviser Platform (TAP) has announced a new program to help adviser businesses expand in 2020.

TAP’s Adviser Training program provides full-time operational support, including candidate screening, classroom-style training and assistance with accreditation, self-guided learning modules, HR and accounting support, and ongoing mentoring to complement that provided by the business owner.

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Ryan Edwards, managing director at TAP, said that the new program will allow business owners to be strategic on how they spend their time and focus more on maintaining their client base, canvassing referrals, and growing their business.

“The regulatory shift has provided a fantastic opportunity for well-run businesses that are confident in their systems and processes to expand and fill the gap left by the 10-20% of the market that is forecast to be downsizing or exiting the market,” said Edwards.

“Many businesses have a fantastic base and want to bring on a new adviser, but lack the time or resources to make it a reality. Most struggle to take time out of their business to properly recruit, train and mentor them. The first few months with a new team member can be really intense.”

TAP predicts that the new program will bring 40 to 50 new advisers to the industry over the course of 2020.

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