The best client experiences revolve around first-home buyers, says broker

by Ksenia Stepanova12 Jul 2018

NZ Adviser talks to Auckland-based mortgage adviser Paulette Trotter from LoanMarket about developments within the adviser industry, the challenges and rewards of the job and her most memorable client experiences.

Trotter was named a Top Adviser in our annual Top Advisers Rankings 2018.

How do you think the mortgage broking industry has changed over the last two years?
Due to the banks tightening up their credit criteria and policies, I believe mortgage advisers really need to understand the strength’s and niche of each bank or financial institution.  This then enables them to put their client in front of the right bank or financial institution from the start.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
Helping customers achieve their goals and dreams.  This could be purchasing their first home, second home, investment property etc.

What has been the secret to your professional success? 
Working hard, going the extra mile, being available, caring about my customers and their families.

What is the key to overcoming the challenges you face as a mortgage broker? 
Having great relationships with the banks and financial institutions that I work with as well as having a great mentor within the industry.

What is your best strategy for generating leads? 
Providing an outstanding service to my customers so they refer their friends and family to me.  Thanking referral partners for their referral and letting them know when I have made contact with their customer.

What was your most memorable client experience this past year? 
My most memorable client experiences this year all revolve around first home buyers who come and see me with the perception that buying their first home is impossible and unaffordable.  Once we have met, I prove to them it is possible and affordable, and then help them every step of the way until they purchase and move into their first home.  These clients are always so grateful and it is such a joy to see them achieve their goal of being a home owner in Auckland.

What do you think of the impending changes in the regulatory landscape? How will this shape the future of the industry? 
I think the changes are great.  I believe they will give customers and the financial institutions we deal with even more confidence in the skills, knowledge and advice of all mortgage advisers.

Outside of being a broker, what are your favourite hobbies? 
Spending time with family and friends, running, going to the gym.

If you were the Prime Minister for a day, what would you do? 
There is not a lot one can do in one day however it if was possible, I would want to solve the housing crisis.

If you could offer one piece of advice to someone starting a career as a mortgage broker, what would that be? 
Provide an outstanding service to your customers and referral partners is key, as this is where your next lead will come from.


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