TSB awards grants to benefit NZ communities

by Roxanne Libatique15 Sep 2020

TSB has awarded nine grants totalling $250,000 to Kiwis with useful ideas that will improve communities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Called TSB Good Stuff, the programme provides kickstarter funds of up to $30,000 to Kiwis with a great idea that will solve problems and benefit the country.

The grants will help the successful applicants to develop innovative apps mainly for keeping boaties safe on the water, improving child and adolescent health and wellbeing, helping people with disabilities to find accessibility information, and supporting and educating people caring for loved ones experiencing mental distress.

“TSB was overwhelmed with thousands of applications pitching fantastic ideas to help New Zealand get back on its feet,” said TSB chief executive officer Donna Cooper.

“Choosing our winners was a hard task, with Kiwis putting forward so many amazing concepts which we'd be proud to support as a bank that exists to use our profit for purpose to generate community good.”

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The grants will also provide children in low decile areas access to STEM learning kits with online tutorials and fund an in-school education programme to teach coding.

Moreover, they will enable the launch of community cooking workshops to promote healthy eating and reduce obesity in Māori and Pasifika families, as well as the development of a new predator trap in line with the government's Predator-Free 2050 vision.

“It was really encouraging to see New Zealanders positive focus when our country is in the middle of a challenging time because of COVID-19,” Cooper said.

“Our TSB Good Stuff grant recipients are going to make a real difference across many different parts of our communities with their work.”

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