We look for brokers that know their lenders, RESIMAC

by Kelly Gregor14 Mar 2018

What we look for in our brokers are professionals that can identify the customer’s needs and direct them to the right lender that’s appropriate for them, RESIMAC says.

RESIMAC chief executive Adrienne Church told NZ Adviser the lender helps to make it possible for first-home buyers to get onto the property ladder, or to make it possible for someone who has been through a life event or who is self-employed to get into a home.

Church said the key to RESIMAC’s success is down to the lenders close relationship with their brokers.

“Our top brokers are the ones that identify that opportunity and send the client our way. We look for professionals, savvy brokers that know what they’re doing and the different alternatives (available) in the market.

“Brokers that know how to package the deal, that produce really clear, good diary notes and include all the information we need. Then the turn-around is quick and the quicker they can go back to their client. The customer has a better experience and they (the broker) can actually acquire a deal.

It’s important brokers are aware of the alternatives and don’t decline a deal just because of lending, Church said.

“How does a broker get there? Working with their aggregators, their lenders, attending Professional Development (PD) days, conferences, understanding the products and the processes. We’re looking for brokers’ knowledge, their knowledge on which lender to use, working well with the lending team, having a customer focus,” Adrienne said.

“If you have a first-home buyer, you want to make it affordable for them to get into a home loan, there are options. The professional savvy broker could put them on an interest only loan to help them make the payments.

“What we’re seeing a lot of is people buying outside of Auckland and in the regions.

“We’re seeing a lot of that in the younger market. You have to start somewhere, and it’s the dream we all have from a New Zealand perspective. It’s your future, your super, where we’re all going to end up,” Church said.

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