Westpac NZ revamps executive team

by Roxanne Libatique27 Feb 2020

Westpac NZ has announced that it made changes to its executive team to improve its products and processes better and, therefore, better serve its customers.

The bank welcomed Andrew Henderson and Marc Figgins to the leadership team, while its other seasoned executives changed roles.

Henderson, who took the chief information officer role at Westpac, would be responsible for crucial technology functions – including architecture, engineering, IT risk, and maintenance of tech standards and disciplines.

“Andrew is a Hawke’s Bay boy, and we’ve lured him home to New Zealand after 16 years overseas in senior technology roles at ING and JPMorgan Chase,” David McLean, chief executive of Westpac NZ, commented.

“We're very pleased to have [him], as he has been working at the cutting edge of best practice technology in global banks – bringing that expertise back to Westpac New Zealand.”

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Meanwhile, Figgins accepted his role as Westpac’s new general manager of human resources after working as the general manager of people for revenue and operations at Air New Zealand.

“We have a significant focus on human-centric design and adopting new ways of working that support the potential of our people, in the context of a rapidly changing future of work. This is an area that Marc is passionate about, so we look forward to him bringing this to Westpac,” McLean said.

McLean explained that the changes would help them serve the evolving needs of customers and remain competitive.

“We are fortunate to have a high quality and cohesive executive team that has been stable for a long time, and we’re taking this opportunity to refresh some of their roles and responsibilities,” McLean said.

“These changes will help us continue our mission of achieving great customer outcomes, improving and streamlining our products and services, and keeping the bank strong, with quality deposits and lending.”

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