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  • The industry responds in spades by NZ Adviser

    The Financial Advice New Zealand Working Group team has reported an ‘outstanding response’ from advisers so far during its consultation stage.

  • An organisation built on your ideas by Maya Breen

    The leaders behind the development of Financial Advice New Zealand on how, why and when to share your thoughts on the new representative body.

  • Bringing the industry together to shape its future by Maya Breen

    Forty days of industry consultation is underway as Financial Advice New Zealand enters the second stage of its 100 day development plan.

  • Commerce announces appointments by NZ Adviser

    The Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs has announced a new appointment to the Financial Markets Authority Board and reappointments to the Disciplinary Committee under the Financial Advisers Act.

  • 100 days to develop Financial Advice NZ by Maya Breen

    The PAA and IFA have announced a 100 working-day timeline to develop Financial Advice New Zealand, commencing this coming Monday 12 September.

  • Further votes favour Financial Advice New Zealand by NZ Adviser

    New Zealand Financial Advisers’ Association members have voted in favour of participating in the establishment of Financial Advice New Zealand.

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