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  • Towards the future of advice by NZ Adviser

    Professional Advisers Association board member, Angus Dale-Jones goes in-depth on some of the key recommendations made by the PAA in their Options Paper submission.

  • New poll: Will you be having your say on the Options paper? by NZ Adviser

    With the recently released Options paper marking the next step in the Financial Advisers Act review, NZ Adviser wants to hear whether you will be having your say on the packages that are set to change the industry.

  • Top advisers say the less jargon the better by Maya Breen

    Leading mortgage advisers and the PAA Chairman say what’s hit the mark and what’s been missed in the three packages proposed in the Options paper.

  • Playing your part in a changing industry by NZ Adviser

    With the FAA Review in full swing and the Options paper released this morning, now is the time for advisers to make their voices heard and be a part of change within the industry.

  • Financial literacy makeover for Australia and New Zealand? by Maya Breen

    An Australian finance broker association has told its industry watchdog that financial literacy is overdue for a makeover, but does NZ need one too?

  • Visibility key to boosting confidence in advisers, says PAA by Maya Breen

    It’s in raising the visibility of the profession to the consumer and the lifelong relationship value that will turn public opinion around, says an independent board member of the Professional Advisers Association.

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