TSB matches rates of other Aussie-owned lenders

by Duffie Osental19 Mar 2019

Ramping up its home loan offerings, TSB announced that it will match the home lending rates advertised by any Australian-owned lender until the end of the month.

The offer started over the weekend and will end on 31 March. “TSB is thrilled to be able to extend our Aussie price match campaign and make it even better by now matching not just one-year advertised rates, but any rate offered by an Australian-owned bank,” said Donna Cooper, CEO at TSB.

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“Across the last month, our home lending campaign has got people talking and the rhetoric is clear - many Kiwi’s aren’t comfortable with more than $5 billion in combined profit from Australian-owned banks leaving our shores.

“At TSB we feel the same. We genuinely care about what’s best for New Zealand and the more profit we keep revolving through our local economy, the better outcomes for our country and people.”

“We are taking price out of the equation for home lending, so it’s easier for Kiwi’s to make the switch to a locally owned bank, and better support their own community by doing so.”

“TSB’s focus on putting our customers first is fundamental to our ongoing success, and I am incredibly proud to work with a team that is genuinely passionate about best-serving our people.”

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